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Business Support Programme

The purpose of the Business Support Programme is to help both new and experienced entrepreneurs launch and develop their business.

People with an embryonic business idea will be guided through all the necessary stages of turning the ideas into a practical functioning business. In the Business Support Programme we will assist with fund raising.

Experienced business owners will also benefit from the programme by having a fresh perspective, new ideas and focus together with a step by step plan to develop their business growth and success.

Business Coaching breakdown

The coaching topics can be amended to suit different businesses and plans, but a starting structure is as follows:

Business Support Programme

Business Support Programme

1. The business coach spends one complete day one on one going through every aspect of the potential business and prepares an overview business plan, together with a plan for action to implement the business in the client’s timescale. At this stage the coach will identify all of the information necessary to complete the business plan and direct and help the client research this information in order to produce a full and complete business plan over the course of the programme.

2. A 60 minute conversation with an Accountant. This can be held face to face in London or be telephone based. The Accountant will guide you step by step through the financial side of the business and advise you on bookkeeping, tax issues and any specific questions you may have.

3. A three month telephone and e-mail support programme then follows to ensure that the client gets the business ‘of the ground’. This support includes;