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Romana S. On... Business Coaching

The business coaching has been invaluable. I run a storage solutions company which up until now has focused on the Middle East territory. I have used my coach Aston Sinfield to help me develop a strategic plan to build a sales team and reseller network for selling into the UK market place.

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Aston has helped me put together a strategic plan to open up the UK market and has personally been involved in face to face interviews of three potential sales agents. Aston has also designed a commission and remuneration plan for the sales agents and advised me on the contractual and legal issues surrounding employing a telemarketing agency.

His advice and support are excellent and I would have struggled to achieve the results without his input. He has made an excellent contribution to my business and I would highly recommend the Business Support Programme to anyone who was either starting a new business or developing an existing business. I would score my coaching as 10 out of 10!

Romana S.

Marylyn P. On... Reaching Targets

I have been working now with my coach for some three months and I have found that he has managed to set me targets and goals that I have reached and in a way that has worked well with me!

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I am a very undisciplined person and this working relationship has surprised even me! I am succeeding with my project! Hurray!!

Marylyn P.

Heather M. On... Going from Strength to Strength

I’d like to give a big Thank-You to Aston and the team at business support, for providing me with skills, support, motivation and the focus to drive forward.

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I’m placing frustration into action by working on motivation DVD for kids with dyslexia in the sport arena of Tae Kwon Do. Hopefully moving into other sports. With the coaching l have received over the few months we are going from strength to strength.

Heather M.

Richard C. On... Focusing Energies and Attention

I’m working on two interlinked businesses at the moment and they’re both steaming ahead towards well thought out and recorded milestones.

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I feel more focused and on purpose business wise than I’ve ever come close to before. This is in no small part thanks to the help I got from yourself during our day together. I’ve always been very creative and in the past this has sometimes lead to a lack of direction. During my face to face day with you we totally filtered out the chaff and the main lesson I took from that day was the need to focus my energies and attention on a carefully selected handful of ventures that had been researched and objectively tested by someone who knows how to ask the right questions. I.e. you.

I really welcomed the fact that you were brutally honest and inquisitive on each detail of the businesses we discussed. I have come on leaps and bounds since then and am now focused and committed to my well thought out and structured business plan. Thanks.

Richard C.

Andrew N. On... Winning Business Opportunity

The one on one day is a must if you want to take your basic business idea successfully through the planning stages to ensure it is a winning business opportunity

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The one on one day really does launch your business idea from the starting block into action and gives you the confidence to take that action

The day provides a thorough review of your business idea and of your own personal both research the opportunity as much as you can, you are given pointers for further research and you are helped to put together a business plan for your opportunity.

You finish the day with an action plan to take your idea to the next stage.....and your coach will review that next stage with you over the fact, he is always available to support you as you research and bring your idea closer to market.

Andrew N.

Karin H. On... Exceeding Expectations

I attended my first session with my coach, Aston, yesterday

I had been made aware of Aston’s background and skill base prior to the session and was therefore aware of some of the benefits I might gain.

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The expectations I had were exceeded. Aston presented as a thoughtful, personable, caring coach, with an interest in the material under discussion. He asked probing questions to gain an understanding of the business proposal and demonstrated an acute listening ability, in order to gage the experience and entrepreneurial abilities I am able to bring to the project.

Whilst able to assess my strengths, I was impressed with his evaluation of the support I would need, the areas in which I could benefit from other professionals, with differing backgrounds, to increase the chances of developing and sustaining a successful business.

Aston was able to provide guidance which informed my decision making process. Suggestions that were put forward for consideration led to financial solutions which informed the strategic direction.

The day concluded with the formulation of an action plan. Task focused, I left the meeting with a set of objectives which I am confident I can complete and encouraged that when these are completed, I will be several steps forward, in realising the overall goal, namely the establishing of a successful social enterprise business.

If I am approached in the future, I would have no hesitation in commending Aston and look forward to the next meeting

Karin H.