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Do you have a passionate desire to build a successful property portfolio or become your own boss by building your own company? If you do then we can help you achieve your goals quickly and avoid mistakes that could be made along the way.

Coaching Programmes

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What is Coaching?

A coach is a person who will unleash your potential and ensure that you keep on track to achieve your goals. All high achievers, whether they be sports people, business people or wealth creators have coaches, who inspire them, guide them, encourage them and hold them accountable and keep them on purpose!

Property and Business support programmes

Our Coaching Programme is designed to facilitate the achievement of your goals whilst giving you support and encouragement along the way. You are never alone when you have a coach!

What is unique about Wealth Coaching Support?

We partner our clients with a coach who is highly experienced in their chosen area of focus. We are not ‘life-coaches’ nor do we offer generic goal setting programs. Our coaches are experts in what you want to achieve.

If you happen to want to become a property investor then your allocated coach will be a successful property investor. If you would like to start your own business, your coach will be a business or multiple business owner.

Who is Wealth Coaching Support Ltd?

Wealth Coaching Support was founded by Gill Fielding and Aston Sinfield. Together Gill and Aston have pulled together a fantastic team of business people and Property Investment experts, who are leaders in their field and who are committed to helping you achieve the success you are looking for.