This Page is about property investment coaching programmes

Coaching Programme - the 9 Steps

The Coaching Programme has been designed as a 9 step process that can take you through the fundamentals of a financial review, and to establish your property investing strategy. The sessions follow the logical process of property purchase from start to finish and are as follows:

1. Review current financial position and clarify objectives, target etc.

2. Strategic planning, actions tasks, tactical issues: Income versus capital.

3. Sourcing: due diligence, reviewing properties, purchasing for strategic fit – identifying properties for purchase.

4. Reviewing property: checklists, negotiating, making offers, transacting, (legals, contracts etc) surveyors, builders – reviews, evaluation tools, spreadsheets.

Property Support Programme

5. Money, deposits, cash back, grants, BMV bridging, mortgages, grants etc, OPM, seller finance, credit cards, brokers, and insurances.

6. Power teams, project management, preparing properties for sale or rent – staging, refurbishment, sales techniques.

7. Ongoing maintenance, letting agents, dealing with challenges, power teams - annual regulations, eg HMOs, licensing, gas servicing checks etc.

8. Record keeping, tax, accounts.

9. Planning and review of outcomes, change the strategy, building the portfolio, driving the return, expansion remortgaging.

Unless you specify otherwise the coach will take you through these topics one session at a time but if you wish to concentrate on one specific area or a few areas then please inform your coach at the start of your first session and then you can both plan accordingly.

Property Investment - Bespoke Coaching Programme

Should you wish to follow a specific strategy and focus all of your time on this, your coach will be happy to follow this route with you. Alternatively you may wish to use the coaching sessions to discuss specific property deals with your coach, going through the numbers together. This again would not be a problem and we would anticipate a high proportion of our clients would want to follow a bespoke programme.

How does the Property Investment Coaching Programme Work?